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2-3/8"Wide Angle Door Viewer DoorScope Black, Brown or White

Wide Angle Door Viewer DoorScope

          from your door to see who is outside.


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2-3/8" DoorScope Wide Angle Door Viewer 


ABS Black, Brown or White



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 Your Door is the first and last barrier to protect you and your family from potential dangerous situations. Conventional peepholes only give you a limited view who is on the other side of your door. Your most economical and best investment is a high quality Door Scope. New-Vue Trading is a distributor of these innovative Door Viewer Scopes that can improve your home security greatly against intruders and burglars. Unlike conventional peepholes our Wide Angle Door Viewer Scope Peephole gives you a view like a miniature Color Television. This highly technical device provides a large panoramic view of who is in front of your door. No need to strain your eyes or press up against your peephole to see who is outside your door.

These Wide Angle DoorScopes are the highest quality on the market today. They are manufactured with the highest quality prisms and optical lenses available  which provide a clear and undistorted view, unlike competitors which use ordinary glass lenses and an inferior prisms which makes a clouded image. These DoorScopes are made of a  high quality ABS material . The view for these is 2-3/8" inch and it is reversed.  The dimension of this unit is 3.25L x 2.25W.  Please mention on your order your Color Selection:   Black, Brown, or White.  If you don't specify which color we will ship Black. You can specify which color on the paypal notes. Each DoorScope comes with it own instructions.  I would be more than happy to walk you through the installation process on the phone. 702.325.8791