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Upgraded and Improved Door Scope Brand DS/1000 Wide Angle Door Viewer Peephole $32.99


 Who's Knockin At Your Door?

Conventional peepholes only give you a very limited view who is outside your door. Your first and last barrier to protect your family from potentially dangerous situations. Your best security for your front door is a Wide Angle Door Scope

Door Scopes

These Door Scope Brand Wide Angle Door Scopes allows  Provides 168 degree wide- angle view •Viewable from up to 7 feet inside your home •Quick, accurate and reliable identification of all visitors •Durable and maintenance free •Inexpensive •Easy installation •Available in 36 countries •Actual image supposed to be reversed to see who is outside.


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  • Provide 168 degree wide angle view 
  • Viewable from up to 7 feet inside your home

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  • Quick, Accurate and reliable identification of all visitors.

  • Durable & Maintenance Free

  • Inexpensive

  • Easy installation

  • Available in 36 countries


This Newly Upgraded Door Scope Brand Wide Angle Door Scope Viewer is the highest quality on the market today. They are manufactured with AN SCR-FILTER TO GET AN IMAGE AT NIGHT TIME IN MINIMUM LIGHT CONDITIONS and the highest quality prism available and optical lenses which provide a clear and undistorted view, unlike competitors which use ordinary glass lenses and an inferior prism which makes a clouded image. These Door Scope Brand Door Viewers are made of high quality ABS and Metal and the color is Black, Gold or Silver. The view is 2 3/8 inch and reversed. This door viewer fits up to 2"  thick door. You will need a 2 3/8" diameter hole saw and an 1/8" drill bit for installation. Each Door Scope comes with it own instructions.  I would be more than happy to walk you through the installation process on the phone. 702.325.8791